How does it work?

FanTipper is a new way to give and receive tips online. Think of it as a digital replacement for the tip jar or the buskers hat. We created it because we think the end of coins shouldn’t be the end of generosity.

Even in a cashless society, small change can still make a big difference.

How do I give a tip?

All you have to do is log in or sign up with Facebook, add your credit card details and hey presto! You are ready to start tipping. Whenever you see the FanTipper icon on a website or in a restaurant or cafe, don’t be shy. Check out their creator page, give them a tip and maybe even add a personal message. It's been designed to work perfectly on your mobile.

How much does it cost?

FanTipper is free to use for both creators and fans. The only charges are a 5% FanTipper commission and standard third party credit card fees which are deducted from the full tip amount.

Why would I want to tip online?

By giving a fantip on FanTipper you are not only giving a financial acknowledgement, you are also supporting the creator in other ways. Leave a comment and give the creator that warm fuzzy feeling of knowing they have your support. Share your tip through facebook or twitter and you will be promoting the creator to your friends. Or even if just tipping anonymously, your tip works as a positive review for the creator, helping the creator find new fans.

How do I become a creator?

A creator can be anyone from an artist, charity or hospitality venue, right through to a blogger, researcher or volunteer. If you can ethically accept tips, you qualify to become a creator on FanTipper. Right now creator accounts are offered by invite only. Contact us via the details below and we will let you know as soon as we are ready to welcome you.

Who is behind FanTipper?

A team of independent, entrepreneurial Melbournians launched FanTipper in 2015. All payment transfers are securely handled in Australia by Pin Payments.

What we value

How do I get in contact with FanTipper?

Send us an email at

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